Home Improvement Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Whether you are planning to sell your home soon or are planning to be there for the long haul, there’s no time like the present for a refresh. But will putting in that backyard pool add to your home’s value? What about upgrading a tired-looking kitchen with brand new granite countertops? Or installing smart thermostats throughout the house? When it comes to home improvement projects, you may be asking yourself: how do I know which projects can help increase my home’s value? We have the answers.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen makeovers top the list of home renovations, and experts agree that upgrading the room that’s at the heart of a home can translate into real value. Knocking down a wall can open up your cooking and eating space to a more open floor plan, something many homebuyers are looking for now. Not all projects have to be a complete renovation or remodel, though. In fact, small projects can have a big impact. When it comes to your kitchen, consider maximizing your storage with the addition of an island or pantry. You’ll be amazed at what a little paint or a new backsplash can do to freshen up the room. Upgrading your countertops to stainless steel or solid stone such as granite, marble or quartz can also help improve the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Revamp Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bath is another home improvement project that can affect the value of your home. Changing out your showerhead, faucets, and fixtures can instantly revamp your bathroom. Looking to make a more substantial impact? Replacing your toilet, vanity, and tub can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Not able to replace the tub? Consider re-glazing the bathtub rather than buying a new one to save money but still achieve a brand new look. New lighting can also be a significant value booster, so consider refreshing the illumination around the mirror, or adding a window for natural light. Homebuyers put exhaust fans at the top of their must-have list for baths, so consider one to help reduce dampness in your bathroom.

Get Energy Efficient in Your Home

The last several years have seen an increasing demand for environmentally-friendly homes. Making your home more energy efficient is a great place to start. Replacing older windows that leak heat in the colder months and cool air in the hot summer is a great place to start. Consider adding ceiling fans to each room and smart thermostats on each floor to better control temperatures throughout your home. Modern appliances can also increase your energy efficiency and makeover a drab room.

Lighten Things Up

Many buyers pay particular attention to light fixtures and lighting, and want homes that are bright and sunny. If new windows aren’t in the budget, updated fixtures can be low cost and high impact. Something as simple as changing out to brighter or warmer bulbs can also change the entire tone of the room. In fact, if you’ve repainted and the color doesn’t look like what you were hoping, try changing out the bulbs before repainting to see if a warmer or cooler one changes the hue.

Makeover the Fireplace

Because a lovely fireplace can be a significant selling point in a home, you’ll want to make yours look as nice as possible. Scrubbing away soot and creosote will reveal the beautiful brick underneath. If the hearth needs an upgrade, consider painting or replacing the tiles with something that better matches the style and age of your home.

Impact Your Curb Appeal

Don’t forget your home’s exterior: it’s the first impression your house makes. A neat, well-maintained landscape instantly increases your home’s curb appeal and suggests that your interiors are also elegant and tidy. To get the most bang for your buck, you can neaten up the walkway, refresh the exterior paint and spruce up the landscaping. A splash of color from your plantings is an eye-catching plus. For maximum impact, use one color and vary the height of plants. Patching any dead spots in the grass with fresh sod and trimming back the trees can give your lawn a new look.

A quick note about a pool. Buyers often like the idea of a home with a pool, but maintenance and liability associated with keeping it clean and safe can be turn-offs. If you’re in the southeast and can enjoy it most of the year, consider the investment for the enjoyment of your family, but know what some buyers will shy away from your home when you’re ready to sell.

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